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We’ve reported a lot on timeshare lawyer fraud recently. But the “double dip” scam is one that we haven’t yet covered, and one that you really need to know about.

What Is “Double Dip” Timeshare Lawyer Fraud?

As the name suggests, the “double dip” scam is one in which you are conned not once, but twice, by the same fraudsters.

The usual timeshare lawyer fraud strategy is to cold-call you out of the blue and offer to get you out of your timeshare. You’ll be charged an upfront fee, which isn’t unusual in itself, but once they have your money, their services fail to materialise, whether immediately, or over time.

At the point when you realise you’ve been duped and are considering steps to try and recoup your losses, you’re then contacted by another, supposedly unrelated, company. This is the “double-dip”.

This new company will know about what happened to you with the first fraudsters, and offer to help you get your money back. Of course, you’ll have to pay them a fee to get started, too. Guess what happens next?

Yes, that’s right… they disappear too. You have now been conned not once, but twice, and lost out on two substantial sums of money. What’s more, you’re still paying out for the timeshare you wanted to get out of in the first place.

“Double dip” timeshare lawyer fraud is committed by the same individuals in both ‘dips’, though they will seem to be completely different. They may also seem completely legitimate, with a professional-looking website and branding.

So how can you ensure you don’t fall victim to “double-dip” timeshare lawyer fraud?

Look out for these tell-tale signs:

1. Unsolicited contact

You should always be wary if you are contacted out of the blue. No legitimate company will contact you without you having requested it. Their contact could be by a phone call, email, or a letter in the post. Whatever way, if they contact you without you asking them to, it’s probably a scam.

2. Too-Good-To-Be-True

You know how the saying goes: “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”. The timeshare resale market is dry as a bone. People are trying to offload their timeshares on eBay for as little as £1 – so why would any company have a long list of buyers just waiting to take yours off your hands?

3. Hand Over Money… Now!

As we mentioned above, it isn’t unusual to be asked for money upfront, even by a legitimate timeshare lawyer. There are costs involved with getting a legal case going, and any timeshare lawyer needs to be paid for that work. But you should be careful if you are asked to send that money abroad, or if the sum they ask for is suspiciously high. In some cases, the sum asked actually exceeds that you paid for your timeshare in the first place! Another tell-tale sign that you’re being inculcated in timeshare lawyer fraud is if they ask you to pay by bank transfer or cheque. For insurance purposes, you should always pay for anything like this on credit card, and if they don’t accept it, there’s probably a sneaky reason.

All of these points apply to both single- and double-dip timeshare lawyer fraud. So if you have fallen for it the first time, then reading these pointers may help you avoid the second round of scams. Hopefully, you will have read this before they come to prey on you in the first place and can stop them in their tracks. But if not, at least you know how to avoid being fooled again.

If you think you have been the victim of timeshare lawyer fraud, it is very important that you seek expert legal advice now. There are plenty of legitimate timeshare lawyers out there who can help you without you being scammed, and we are among the best of them. Whatever has happened to you, whether with your timeshare or with a scam, we can offer you expert advice to help.

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