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How do I Cancel my Timeshare?

Introduction If you are unhappy with your timeshare because you are paying out more than you can afford or not getting the service you paid for, then you’re probably wondering how to cancel your timeshare. You may be concerned about your contract, or...

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Shaming the Bullies

We are sorry to report that the big boys of the timeshare industry are resorting to bullying and harassment of their once loyal clients.  These often-vulnerable clients are now coming to realise that the resorts where they thought they had friends and...

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A case of Identity theft by Litigalo Lawyers?

Yet again the TCA are warning consumers about more unscrupulous legal companies popping up trying to convince clients to part with money for a fictious court case against their timeshare resort.Litigalo Lawyers were apparently founded by Emilio Marrolat...

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Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Takeover

As reported recently the date for the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to be replaced by the Financial Conduct Authority draws closer; to be exact the 1st April 2019. Claims Management Companies (CMC) who wish to continue trading must register for Temporary Permission (TP)...

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Recent Updates

Most timeshare owners are surprised at the speed their exit was achieved with the help of, read here

On Thursday 21 March, 2019

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On Tuesday 19 March, 2019

Last week TL successfully exited 4 more owners from their timeshare contract

On Monday 18 March, 2019

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