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Exit Your Timeshare from the Comfort of Your Own Home

If your timeshare has become a burden and you think that it was possibly miss-sold, or your timeshare agreement contains possible unlawful clauses, chances are you are seeking a solution. If you are already feeling the strain of owning an unwanted timeshare, finding a reputable company that can help you can become quite stressful.

Here at Timeshare.lawyer, we highly recommend you not try and deal with this alone and get professional help from a timeshare contract specialist.

Taking advice from people that have been through similar experiences and researching companies online, are a couple of ways of thoroughly researching companies that you may want to use. Doing due diligence helps prevent the chances of using a less than credible company.

“We have spoken to and helped many people who have previously used companies that haven’t delivered on their promises. Many of these people have been swindled out of their money and are still no further along in their exit process. Always look into a company and ask questions before agreeing to deal with them. If you have any doubts, walk away.”

Mark Rowe, Founder

A lot of companies will insist that you attend a meeting to discuss all the options you have with regards to exiting your timeshare. These meetings can last anything up to half a day, not that that is a bad thing, you do need to make sure that you fully understand the whole process and you would want any questions answered to your satisfaction.

However, some people feel that attending a meeting really isn’t an option for them. It may be they can’t get the time off work, can’t afford to travel to a meeting or are unable to attend due to their age or ill health. There can also be the added expense of attending meetings that are some distance away from home. It could result in traveling to another country or even an overnight stay in a hotel if the company’s offices aren’t in your local vicinity.

Timeshare.lawyer are different. We have dedicated Legal Support Advisors who deal with the exit of timeshares and any potential compensation claims all over the phone. This is a great relief for many owners, with everything being dealt with in the comfort of your own home. This gives you a chance to clearly think about things and talk to friends and family for their advice. Another advantage to using Timeshare.lawyer is, you are not required to pay anything up front. We send you an invoice once the work has been completed, which is a huge weight off people’s shoulders.

Our Legal Support Advisors are currently a strong 8-person team, who are experienced with timeshare law. They all work well as a team, as well as independently. If you need to call in and your designated adviser is unavailable, you have the confidence in knowing that anyone you speak to are truly qualified to assist you.

“When people think they have to physically attend a meeting it can be quite daunting. Some timeshare owners who are unable to attend the meeting, for whatever reason, think there is nothing more they can do and are then left with their unwanted timeshare. By having a telephone consultation service like Timeshare.lawyer, many more people now realise they don’t have to just put up with things, they can be free of the potential albatross hanging around their neck.”

Mark Rowe, Founder

For further information call Timeshare.lawyer today on 0800 0239 032 and speak with one of our legal support advisers.