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Beware of Phoney Timeshare Legal Firms

A devious network of phoney Tenerife timeshare legal firms has been found to be operating. It is very important that we inform you of this news to avoid you falling prey to their scams. Such fraudulent activity in timeshare law is less common than in the timeshare industry itself, so this news is incredibly alarming.

Three connected companies, Litigar Abogados, Litigious Abogados, and Abogacia Espanola, are three phoney Tenerife timeshare legal firms that are all linked. They claim to be founded by different Directors, but it seems more than likely that they are all working under the same scam to try and con people who are seeking justice for bad timeshares.

Each of the websites references the legal body of lawyers in Tenerife, which is a clear ploy to give website visitors the illusion that the companies are regulated by the legal body.

The first company, Abogacia Espanola, has been found not to exist at all, and considering that all three websites are designed in almost identical ways, there is good reason to believe that the other two do not exist either.

An Example

The findings have come to light following a ‘client’ of Litigious Abogados speaking out. The person’s legal case regarding their timeshare was due to be heard in November 2016, according to the company. But the plot thickens. The first alarm bell is that the person was contacted by the ‘firm’ (not the other way round) which should never be the case. The person was told that there was a hearing due on the above date, and that all the person would have to do was to pay a fee and they’d get it handled and let him know.

The person paid 1200 Euros.

You may think he never heard from them again, but he actually did! It’s not good news, though. They told him that his case had been successful and that he had been awarded over 30,000 Euros. All he had to do was (you guessed it!) pay the court fees and taxes of around 6000 Euros to release the money.

Luckily, he didn’t pay this second sum. Instead, he did some research and found out that he had been conned… the company did not exist.

It is harrowing to think that the fraudsters are now cottoning on to the fact that people are increasingly taking timeshare companies to court and winning – and exploiting that. Where people have been conned once and are seeking justice, these fraudsters are ready and waiting to con them a second time.

Before you get started with your court case against a timeshare company, make sure you’re not falling for one of these phoney timeshare legal firms, or one from elsewhere. Do your research before handing over any money, and certainly don’t engage a timeshare legal firm that calls you. Lawyers never approach you – it’s your job to seek them out. Remember this, and find a legitimate timeshare legal firm who is committed to helping you get justice.

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