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Why You Should Never Make Your Timeshare Compensation Claim Alone

Do you have suspicions that your timeshare was misrepresented or unlawfully sold to you? Have you decided that you’re going to take on the timeshare companies in search of a timeshare compensation claim and nullification? As tempting as it may seem, going up against timeshare law on your own could be a dangerous choice.

It is essential for you to consult a timeshare lawyer for many reasons. Here are five of them:

  • You Can’t Just Walk Away

If you are unhappy with the terms of your timeshare agreement, or believe that the contract you signed is unlawful, you cannot just stop paying and walk away.  If you do this, firstly, you will get nothing back which you have already paid. Secondly, access to the timeshare resort will be taken away, along with your right to rent it out to others. Thirdly, and most damagingly, the timeshare company will then pass your details onto the major credit agencies. At that point. your information can be turned over to a collection agency in an attempt to recover the fees due to the resort. Bear in mind that they will also stick late fees atop that which you already owe.

  • Identify your Case

The process of identifying and acting against unlawful or misleading contracts requires an intricate knowledge of the timeshare industry, as well as contract law. Some of the more underhand clauses may be hidden deep within the contract, or dressed up to seem like they are saying something very different to what, in reality, they are. Without a timeshare lawyer there is a good chance you will miss areas of the contract with deserve closer examination, thus greatly limiting your chances of success.

  • Avoiding Obstacles

Timeshare companies are not in the business of giving compensation and voided contracts. They will do anything they can to avoid having to do so. If you go up against these companies without a strong knowledge of the industry and the law, you are likely to fall victim to the many defensive tactics they employ. A timeshare lawyer with good knowledge of contract law will be able to speed the process up by avoiding all of the obstacles that the timeshare companies will try and hit you with.

  • Finding Time

Taking on timeshare law can be a long, complicated process, and the amount of work that goes into such a claim is enormous. Trying to juggle processing a claim with work and family responsibilities can feel impossible. It will lead to tasks being rushed and, therefore, the careful eye and attention to detail that is required will be missing. Such situations might result in stress levels going up, damaging your personal and professional life, not to mention hampering the strength of your claim. A good timeshare lawyer will be able to handle the work for you. You won’t even need to worry about.

  • Weakness of Solitude

By going it alone, you are entering a David and Goliath situation. Yes, that time David won, but that’s rarely the outcome in the real world. Attempting to beat the timeshare companies at their own game, all by yourself with little to no resources, is a battle you are destined to fail. Only with the clout of a well-organised timeshare law firm, whose reputation for winning cases is well known, will you be able to match the strength and reach of those you are fighting against.

If you think your timeshare might have been misrepresented or unlawfully sold to you, don’t try to win on your own. Get in touch with the team at Timeshare.Lawyer. We can help you identify the relevant flaws in your contract and then guide you through the compensation and nullification processes.

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