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Timeshare.lawyer warns timeshare owners about rogue resale and cancellation companies.

Please contact us if you are unsure as to the authenticity of a company or organisation.

Also we warn clients to be wary of advice given by “timeshare trade associations”. Generally, these bodies will dissuade a timeshare owner from exiting their timeshare contract: sometimes they’ll even use scare tactics.


Most of these so-called timeshare associations are actually set up, run and financed by the timeshare resorts/companies themselves. And they don’t want to lose you, because that costs them money.

We have received numerous complaints from timeshare owners about the tactics of the following entities:

RDO is an organisation which is funded by timeshare resorts, so they want to keep timeshare owners in timeshare – naturally.

TATOC – (Now in receivership as of May 2017) is also funded by timeshare companies.  TATOC runs a “Consumer Helpline”:  it also has a vested interest in stopping timeshare owners from exiting their ownership. TATOC no longer operate as a committee since going into receivership.

Please don’t be fooled by their official sounding propaganda.

They have one job only: to change your mind about wanting rid of your timeshare ownership.

Please also let us know if you have been cold called by either of these timeshare organisations.


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